A Fall Full of Fun

It has been busy, but when isn’t it busy! Ryan’s travel has been off the charts, but we still managed to have a little fun. Here is a little of what we have been up to.

Ella started school. 3 Day Threes.

She is involved in Ballet and Playball after school. Loving both so much!

All the kiddos are loving music class, especially Landon!

Ryan and the boys went to Ella’s class to read a couple of books!


We carved a pumpkin, went trick or treating and then a pumpkin patch.


We had a couple of visits to the doctor that resulted in ear infections.


Solid foods are now currently eaten by everyone in the house.

Meyer's Birth Story

Meyer, you were the one child I knew when you were going to come! Ella and Landon paved the way with their births that made me know exactly how you were going to be born. That didn’t mean that I didn’t worry in case you decided to come early or the fact that I made your dad take speaking gigs during the time you “could arrive”.

You came into the world at 37 weeks and 4 days. Born at 12:52am on June 19, 2018.

Due to me requiring tests being run because of preeclampsia, I had high protein count. They didn’t want to run them and said it wasn’t needed because everything looked fine. But it wasn’t at least for the moment in time I was doing the test and then when they were checking my blood pressure.

I received a call on Friday afternoon telling me that we would be induced Monday or Thursday depending on my blood pressure when I came into the doctor on Monday. This was fine, but your dad had to leave town on Tuesday and wouldn’t return until Thursday. So the weekend was a waiting game; we ensured the house was clean, laundry done, and fridge stocked. I could not have gone into labor under better circumstances on the home front.

On Monday, we took Ella to gymnastics and they dropped me at the doctor. First stop was the OB to have BP checked. The hope was for it to be high (it had not been elevated at all at this point). And it was, but they still weren’t sure so I was sent on the the perinatologist, Dr. Fogle. I go there and it was high. I rested, saw your cute face on the ultrasound, and had my BP taken again and still high. While this was what I wanted, it still seemed surreal. I was going to meet you so soon. The doctors all discussed and then told me to head to the hospital (aka go downstairs) and check myself in.

All the usual with checking in; I felt like I was telling them what to do! Your dad waited for the babysitter for E & L, took Bauer to Doguroo and then came to the hospital. Unlike before they didn’t have to thin my cervic and started me on the pitocin right away. So similar to before, nothing really was happening at first. I was really dehydrated so that may have caused a little of the problem.

Dr. Combs came in. Funny and easy going. She gave birth to Landon; we knew what to expect. She eventually broke my water and then we had the epidural. I was SO NERVOUS about this because of Landon’s birth and the horror stories you hear. The anesthesiologist was so good this time. It restored my faith.

We were just ready to get the show on the road. I hadn’t eaten since breakfast and was really hungry, but all I could have was ice chips. I was bidding my time until I got to have a chick salad sandwich.

We were hoping to have you before midnight but you just weren’t yet ready. We got you turned the direction you needed to go and it was time for a practice push. That turned out to be the sign you (and my body) were ready to come. They told me to STOP. Dr. Combs came in and was chatting about the room and this and that. As she was getting suited up I needed to push. I pushed one more time and then you were here! I couldn’t believe it. You were so tiny but the biggest of the three. You had dark hair and latched right away.

Because you were early I was fearful of you having the same breathing thing that Landon had. But you figured it out. You weighed 6 lbs, 15 oz. and was 20 in long.

We got little rest as they kept checking me and you. I also think you were hungry! Ella and Landon came to see you. Ella couldn’t wait to get her hands on you and I was surprised by how curious Landon was with you. We have a perfect little family of 6 (if you include Bauer!).

One little thing to note, your father left me in the hospital Wednesday morning to catch a flight to Florida! While I was fine it, I may not let him live it down!

Consistency is Key

As I sit here thinking about where to begin; do I talk about our failed attempt at ballet, Ella's first time at the Fox to see the Nutcracker or Landon's first Christmas.  Do I even mention, Hey we are expecting again (oh, by the way, Meyer arrived already). Do we chronicle our trip to Cali or a short vacay to the beach.  What about Blayze's graduation or all that Ella has done in school this year?  Part of me just wants to put up pictures of the kids because I dress them so well! (Obviously that is all for me!)  

All of these I want to talk about but I am tried of playing catch up.  I want to write and share what currently going on.  I want to be consistent at this, not because I expect others to read it but because I want it as a memory for our family.  Below there are pictures of all the things mentioned above in no specific order so I haven't completely skipped this but I am ready to start fresh.

I also want to capture what I am learning in regards to being a parent and what God is teaching me through readings, things I am listening to, etc.  I want a way to capture my thoughts.  Maybe here or maybe on a different page of this blog.  Time will tell.  (Note to Self- 100 Days to Brave)