Consistency is Key

As I sit here thinking about where to begin; do I talk about our failed attempt at ballet, Ella's first time at the Fox to see the Nutcracker or Landon's first Christmas.  Do I even mention, Hey we are expecting again (oh, by the way, Meyer arrived already). Do we chronicle our trip to Cali or a short vacay to the beach.  What about Blayze's graduation or all that Ella has done in school this year?  Part of me just wants to put up pictures of the kids because I dress them so well! (Obviously that is all for me!)  

All of these I want to talk about but I am tried of playing catch up.  I want to write and share what currently going on.  I want to be consistent at this, not because I expect others to read it but because I want it as a memory for our family.  Below there are pictures of all the things mentioned above in no specific order so I haven't completely skipped this but I am ready to start fresh.

I also want to capture what I am learning in regards to being a parent and what God is teaching me through readings, things I am listening to, etc.  I want a way to capture my thoughts.  Maybe here or maybe on a different page of this blog.  Time will tell.  (Note to Self- 100 Days to Brave)