Consistency! Where have you gone?!

I like to think of us as pretty consistent people.    

We follow a schedule like it was our religion; to the point where we have a daily schedule posted in the office for both of us that is followed to a T. 

We go to the same church service each week and sit in the same seat.  Well, almost the same seat, depends if we get there early enough to get the best seat on the end!

We are determined to continue cheering for our teams no matter how good or bad.  You will always see us wearing our team colors.

Every Monday and Friday you can expect a blog post from Next Generation Catalyst (aka Ryan) in your inbox.

Every morning you will see me making our bed, cleaning up the apartment, feeding the dog and making scrambled eggs.

Wednesday nights you will catch us hanging out with our small group.  And if Ryan gets lucky, we'll be at Chipotle right before discussing our study.

So why on earth have we not been consistent with this whole blogging thing?  I have no idea other than LIFE.  Yes, life is happening.  It is tiring.  It is busy.  And it doesn't stop.  

So we are sorry to leave you all waiting on the edge of your seats for the next Journey with the Jenkins blog post.  

Exciting news to share in the coming weeks!