The Start of Something New

The Jenkins are officially home owners (and boy did it take a while)!  We were proud to call this west-Midtown home ours as of May 6!  Another journey to share! 

We originally did not have any intention to start looking for a house until the beginning of 2014.  During the end of summer/beginning of fall 2013, we drove around different areas in Atlanta that we thought might be potentials for a future home.  We then enlisted a wonderful real-estate agent to help us in the process as we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.  But due to my curiosity and not wanting to miss out on a potentially wonderful house, I started my small addiction with  After sending our realtor several houses I saw on the website, she arranged for us to view a few house in November (2 months before we planned).  On the first outing, we came across a house that had a ton of potential, but just needed a little love!  We made an offer and then the waiting began.

Sure we visited other homes, but nothing compared to the house we saw on our first outing.  Since the house was a short sale we were told it may take up to 6 months (they weren't lying).  Finally, at the beginning of March, we heard from the bank that our offer was accepted.  Naturally, they had taken 4 months to let us know but wanted us to turn around and close in 22 days.  But we wanted the house, so we made it happen!  What do you know, the bank wasn't ready to close on the date they set.  So we pushed it out another month, but guess what, they bank missed that closing too!

I was beginning to wonder if this was even the house we were supposed to have.  Ryan and I had been praying through this entire process that God would help us find the home where we would begin our family and use the home to show God's love.  So as time kept marching and we didn't seem to be getting any closer to closing, I was getting frustrated.  We were losing money and didn't have any other prospects.  I knew that God would put us right where He wanted us, but not knowing when was the hard part.  

If the only thing Ryan got out of his sales role at AT&T was the word ESCALATION then, God gave him the opportunity to use it!  Ryan escalated with the bank that was selling the house (if you are not sure what that means, ask Ryan- I played dumb to this part!).  We were getting calls on the daily, updating us on where the process was.  Finally, we had the close date guaranteed with the official papers from the bank!  

It was quite a road getting to this point, but from what we have learned since, the road didn't end at closing.  Now begins the "fun" part- painting, changing the floors, trying to take care of the landscape that some may call a jungle, etc.  Check back for updates on how everything is going!