House Update #1: To Paint or To Pay? That is the question...

We chose to paint.  What else would two twenty-somethings choose to do to their brand new house that has walls that go from Sea-foam Green to Maroon?  

We got the painting quotes but decided "we got this!"  We had everything planned out from how long it would take to how much we needed of everything.  Then we started...

Primer, who knew there was that big of a difference in types of primer?!  We spent one whole day priming the upstairs to have to go back and re-prime with better primer a week later.  Dark Walls- 1, The Jenkins- 0!

Tape, oh the tape!  Never in my life have I bought and used so much tape in such a short amount of time!  Oh, is it possible to get a tape burn from taping too much?

Paint brushes, those things are never coming clean.  We threw in the towel with those guys and decided to use new ones for each color.  I think Ryan and I are just too messy to actually be able to reuse a brush.

Trim, it's fine when there aren't a bunch of grooves.  Never mind that our entire fireplace and all the columns are trim with grooves.  

Clean lines, Sarah Mallanik...that girl taught me the best trick in the world for making sure my paint didn't run onto the trim.  If you ever need painting advice, ask her (she is the one who without knowing it talked me into wanting to paint everything myself!).

After six days of underestimating time and countless trips to see Greg at Sherwin Williams, we finally started to see progress.  

Saturday it was time to pull the tape off of the first finished room and see how clean our lines were and how the color looked once it had dried (scary moment).  Boy, does it look good!  We were pretty impressed with ourselves!  But I don't think we are going to be adding painting to our repertoire of jobs anytime soon.

We still have about two more days to finish up the downstairs and then we will post pictures.  Can't wait to show you all!