House Update #2: Finished with One Project, On to the Next

Nine days of painting with a little outside help on the high walls and we are DONE painting!  The rooms look really good (in our opinion!). Don't know if we will be picking up paint brushes again, but glad to have had this experience.  The accomplishment we felt when it was all done was so worth the long days, tired legs and arms, and non-exsistant life we have had!  

There was a burst pipe that a plumber repaired a couple of weeks ago.  So Friday we had some people out to fix the wall.  With the things I have learned about pipes and dry wall, I think I could open my own business!  Between the plumber, HVAC man, and dry wall people we have had some great people working on our home.  All have been recommendations and I would recommend these guys!  Feel like that is a great thing to have because it is hard to find honest people that give a fair price.  

Friday we went and picked out carpet to go in the upstairs bedrooms.  This may have been the easiest thing we have done throughout this whole process.  The person that measured the house was on time and in and out in 30 minutes.  Then picking out the actual carpet was great because the lady was so easy to work with and had a great eye for what worked with our colors.    

Whats up next, cleaning up from painting then getting the appliances and carpet into the house.  Oh, and the yard work, what a jungle we have!  No idea where to start especially since I unearthed a huge bees nest in the front of the house...