5 Updates From The Jenkins To Round Out The Summer

To say the summer has been busy would be a BIG understatement.  So I am going to recap all that has been going on this summer for us Jenkins in the South!

#1- The biggest thing that we did was move into our long awaited house.  As mentioned in previous posts, it was a wait and required a lot of work, but we did it.  We are successfully moved in and making this new house our HOME.  We still have tons of stuff we want to do to the house but one step at a time!  We can't wait for each of you to come visit and see the house!  Plus Bauer goes crazy at the thought of getting to take you to play ball in his favorite spot in the neighborhood!  

#2- We got to celebrate a FIRST birthday for one lucky pup.  Our sweet puppy is turning into a handsome little boy and I just want him to stop growing!  He has adjusted to the house and now is my big, macho protector, especially when Ryan is gone.  Bauer got to go to Lake Cumberland this summer for a couple of days and I think found his calling.  He LOVES the water.  He had no problem jumping in even if no one else was in the water.  He just wanted to swim.  (I guess our next house will have to have a pool for him to swim in!)  We played a game with him in the water where he would swim from the boat about 50-60 yards out to me then turn around and swim back to the boat.  When he was about to reach the boat I would call out to him and he would swim back out to me.  We repeated this a least 10 times.  (There may have been an underlying motive here!)  

#3- Someone turned the BIG #3-0!  We won't mention any names...

#4- Business is good.  So far this year Ryan has traveled a ton for our business, speaking to a bunch of organizations and companies.  We have far surpassed what we thought this year held for the business.  Definitely contribute that to us putting it in God's hands and letting Him direct where the business goes.  We are continuing to grow the business and are working on plans for what the next year, two years, etc. will look like.  Lots of exciting things to share when the time is right to make it public!  Until then, please continue to pray that God will lead us.

#5- We have stepped back into the leadership role by leading our small group.  After we married we joined a small group with other newly married couples which was led by a seasoned married couple.  It was their time to exit so we stepped up to lead the group.  We are excited for what this is going to do in our relationship with God and each other.  Some of our favorite time is when we have dinner and discuss what our study was about.   

After we bring Bauer to the Atlanta Braves game for Bark In The Park...the summer is a wrap. Bring on fall football.
Love y'all.