FALL! Before it's too late!

It has been two months since we have written!  It is crazy where the time goes, well not really...it has been going to playing, reading stories, feeding, playing dress-up, changing diapers, walks, kissing chubby cheeks, and playing ball with Bauer (can't forget that guy)!

We have had such a busy yet wonderful Fall!  It truly is my (Ashley) favorite season.  There is so much between the weather changing to yummy food to dressing up in costumes to football.  Didn't think it could get much better but some how it did!  Having Ella and getting to do all the fun things that we love with her has been amazing!

We started off the Fall by celebrating our anniversary with burgers from Atlanta's one and only burger stop, Holeman and Finch!  Next time you are in Atlanta you need to get one of their amazing burgers and hear the fun story behind them (everything in Atlanta has a story).

We gave Bauer a very special day where he could be king with the Original Three!  The day started with him going to his favorite breakfast spot so he could get a plate of bacon.  Then we went to Piedmont Park so could play and go swimming!  Bauer LOVES to swim and he was in heaven; so much so that when we were leaving, he didn't want to go so he refused to walk.


Ella had her first tour to Athens to see the University of Georgia; a potential for college!  And her first trip to the pumpkin patch where she got to pick out a couple of pumpkins! Not to mention she has had a chance to check out a few breweries in Georgia, especially one of her daddy's favorites, Creature Comforts!


Ella began attending Waumba Land every Sunday morning.  This is our church's version of nursery/Sunday School.  She seems to really like it and we are appreciative that Buckhead Church provides such a great place for us to take her!

Ella celebrated her first Thanksgiving!  She helped me in the kitchen all morning to prepare a yummy meal.