If:Gathering & Believing God

Ryan is very much a person that likes to get things done.  So when he said he wanted to paint the nursery, I had literally 4 days to decide on a paint color.  Not a lot of time especially when I had nothing else that was going into the nursery to help match it to.  Needless to say, it all worked out!  And I have an amazing husband who spent all of Friday night painting while I spent that evening with a new friend.

Over the past few years, I have been seeking biblical wisdom from female mentors through different blogs, Facebook accounts and podcasts.  Last year, I heard about something called If:Gathering that was happening in Austin, but what was different was this women's conference wasn't just for the women in Austin.  They simulcasted the entire conference all over the country.  I didn't participate last year, but when Ryan said he wanted to paint (meaning I couldn't be at the house) and it happened to be the same weekend as If:Gathering 2015, it was too good to be true.  

I found a local gathering that would be simulcasting the conference and emailed a friend that I was just getting to know on a whim that she might be able to come too.  So Friday night and all day Saturday we sat at Peachtree Presbyterian Church with a group of women we didn't know and were spiritually feed.  

The idea of If:Gathering is: If God is real then what?  This year they looked at Joshua and his belief.  Only Joshua and Caleb believed they could claim the land God had promised and eventually it would be Joshua that would lead the Israelites in the Promise Land.  All because he believe in who God was and what God promised.  

How dramatically our lives would change if we truly believed that each day.  It isn't about just believing in God but BELIEVING GOD!  Even the demons believe and they shutter, but that isn't enough (James 2:19).  

 So what does that look like for us?  As in most things with life, its all in the prospective of your current circumstances.  Currently, we are in baby prep mode.  Some of the biggest things we have been talking about is what we need for the baby, how much is this whole thing is going to cost, and ultimately, how do we raise a child to be Christ-centered?  

This last question has lead to the most discussion which we will touch on in other blogs (hopefully!).  But what I can say, is that we are in the world but not of the world and so our parenting will not be of the world.