Waiting for Life to Slow Down

Well, this will not be happening any time soon or for at least the next 18 years...

How do I get better at this blogging thing?!  Ryan can put out 2 blogs a week and I can't even get one out in a six month period!  He would tell me that I need to read a book my David Allen, Getting Things Done.  I think I will pass on that as there are so many young adult novels calling my name, not to mention the stack of pregnancy books I have to read.  And we do I even begin reading about actually raising this child?  

So busyness consumes us all and trying to prioritize doesn't always work.  Instead of putting first the things that need to be first, it seems the things that I don't want to get squeaky are what come first.  (The squeaky wheel gets the oil.)

With the baby coming, we are currently trying to figure out how everything else we do fits into us having a baby and what things have to give.  And guess what, there are a few things I wouldn't mind giving up!  But the ultimate question we have to ask, what does God want us to give up and are we ready to trust him in the areas that might be hard to give up?