Getting Baby Ready

We have had a busy few months between getting our last bit of travel (just the two of us) in to preparing for Baby Jenkins!  Between reading books, taking a class, doctors' appointments, and talking with people that have experience, I think we are as ready as we can be.  Which probably means, WE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT WE ARE GETTING INTO!

Ryan and I have been reading books since day one of us finding out.  We have books that have told us what each month will be like and what to expect during pregnancy.  My favorite thing is when Ryan tells me what he is reading and it has something to do with how I'm feeling (and I haven't gotten to it yet in my books)!  I appreciate that he is staying on top of it and walking this adventure with me, maybe even a step ahead of me.  We have books on parenting.  We have been very diligent to not just get any book but pick books that fall in line with our beliefs, specifically when it comes to raising our child in a Christ-centered home.  One of my favorites (and I hope to do a post on it soon) is about praying for your child.  While I am reading it before we have a child, this is a great book for people with children of any age (even if they are grown!).  

As far as scheduling and other specifics, we have been introduced, on several occasions, to a philosophy called Moms On Call.  We have numerous friends and acquaintances that swear by it.  Our birthing class instructor was even a consultant for it!  (Not why we picked her class, but definitely a bonus.)  This book really lays out schedules as well as other things we need to know when it comes to taking care of our new baby.  Some of it is common sense, but with everything they tell you to do, they tell you the why.  And not just the why for today, but the why for a year from now, etc.  

I have had a ton of questions when it comes to what I need as far as baby gear, what is normal in pregnancy, and this whole giving birth thing, so I have been picking my mom's, Jenny's, and Kendall's brains about all things baby.  They have been the best about answering my questions and not pushing stuff on me!  Which is much appreciated!

Our nursery is almost ready, I believe we are waiting on three more things to arrive at the house (two of which will be here this week) and then Ryan can start hanging stuff on the walls!  It is really coming together.  Crazy how that room set empty for so long and then slowly it began to be transformed.  I think one of my favorite things is when Bauer just wanders in there to check it out or take a nap.  I think he is going to be in love with his little sister!  We (meaning Bauer) are just having a hard time distinguishing between his toys and her toys, but I have a feeling that when it is all said and done, they will both he in his crate playing with dog toys...