Leading through Buckhead

This fall we have embarked on new leading opportunities through Buckhead Church.  Together we have grown and used the talents that God has equipped up with.

Together Ryan and I are leading a Thrive Married group.  This is one of the short term groups that our church does.  It goes for 8 weeks and looks at different marriage topics.  For the past 6 weeks we have walked along side of 3 other couples and talked about all things marriage.  It brings great prospective to our marriage and is a great way for us to continue to have open dialogue.  One of the big things that we have said from the beginning is that it gives us a common language; whether it be phrases that are call backs or helps us name specific things that are going on.  As we have led this group, we have been able to give wisdom and suggestions to certain situations.  Not that we have all the answers, but simple that we have taken the time from the beginning to talk through all things marriage so that as things arise we are able to hit them head on.  As Ryan likes to say, "we sweat in peace so we don't bleed in battle."

I have gotten the opportunity to lead an amazing group of recent college graduates.  BC has created a group that allows for recently graduated girls to get into a group with others in similar situations that has a leader that helps navigate the water of being in the real world, ADULTING.  We cover topics such as spiritual group, purpose/identity, finances, dating, and relationship/boundaries.  To say I absolutely love it would be an understatement.  These girls are amazing and we are having so much fun.  I definitely feel old, but love getting to laugh with them each week.  It has also been amazing as I have imparted on them things that I have learned through my 10 years on being out of college.