Baby Food Bonanza

Ella likes to eat!  She is a good eater and really enjoys all the food put before her.  You can start out with bananas then switch to broccoli or cauliflower, and she just keeps on eating.  What kid is okay with going from something as wonderful as a banana to a superfood like cauliflower or broccoli?!  

Why does this make me happy?  There are lots of reasons.  The typical, I want my child to grow and eat good food in order to be healthy.  I don't want mealtime to be a struggle (this could change!).  The fact that during my pregnancy I ate so much McDonalds we should have bought stock!  But I think the most important reason is because I take so much time and care to make sure she is not only getting the best food, but I am making it all as well!

I decided early on that I would make all of Ella's baby food.  In the beginning, I thought it would be cheaper and I could control what is going into her little body.  But now I am finding that she is eating so much more then what typical baby food would provide.  And this makes me the happiest.  

Is it cheaper?  I don't know!  I am at WholeFoods at least once a week getting whatever organic age appropriate food that her body can handle (I have a whole book on the foods babies can have at different months).  Because I am buying organic I am obviously paying a higher price.  But that isn't the only reason.  I am also buying foods that just cost more.  Asparagus cost more that squash or sweet potatoes.  Papaya costs more than an apple.  

When I look at baby food I see the typical sweet potatoes, peas, apples, and pears.  But I don't see a lot of the additional foods that Ella is eating.  Vegetables: brussel sprouts, green beans, cauliflower, asparagus, broccoli, different kids of squash, sweet potatoes, zucchini, carrots.  Fruits: apples, pears, mangos, avacados, kiwi, papaya, blueberries, plums, prunes.  In addition to this she is eating barley and spelt cereal not just oatmeal or brown rice.  Ella has pinto or black beans almost everyday.  

As great as all this is, in the end if she has a option for a bread product (i.e. puffs toast) that is what she prefers!  At least she is taken after me in something!  


****writing this to remind myself that for any future children, it is definitely beneficial to make my own baby food!