What More Could Go Wrong?!

This question we keep asking ourselves but probably need to stop.  Every time it is said out loud, something else happens.  Here is a detailed list of all things that have made us really have to ADULT the past two months.

  • Mom falls and breaks shoulder leaving us not knowing about childcare for Ella when baby comes
  • Told we have to have baby, don't have childcare and Ryan on flight to Canada
  • Volvo won't start for Ryan to bring Ella to hospital (get it towed, replace starter)
  • Ellas monitor isn't working and needs to be replaced (company sends wrong replacement so takes a month and a half to get correct one- problems because we can't keep Ella in her bed)
  • Upstairs AC goes out and has to be replaced
  • Volvo won't start again (get it towed replace battery)
  • Bauer is sick and has to go to Vet (our dog is a lemon)
  • Ella is sick and has to go to Doc
  • Landon has bad reflux so trying to figure out how best to keep food down
  • Volvo won't start again (at grocery with kids, get it towed, re-replace starter, replace alternator)
  • Garage shelf falls on Honda (drivable, but causes some expensive damage)
  • Microwave goes out
  • Volvo won't start for the FOURTH time (we think it is the battery again!)

At the beginning of the year we had to replace our hot water heater and dishwasher, so with this additional stuff we are pulling our hair out!