Puppy Playdate

Bauer went on his first play date last Saturday.  It seemed like we were taking him to school for the first day!  

Doguroo has a puppy hour every Saturday to help puppies learn to play with each other and other appropriate behaviors.  We thought this was a GREAT idea especially since we knew it would tire him out!

At first he was a little nervous and didn’t want to play.  He just sat by my feet and observed all the other crazy dogs playing.  Every once in while the play group would come over to us and he would play, but as the group moved, he didn’t want to go.  

FInally, he broke out of his shell and joined the group!  It was so fun watching all the puppies play together.  It definitely wasn’t like watching little kids play.  The pups were jumping on each other and snapping/bitting.  I got a little nervous wondering if either Bauer was being a “bully” or a little wimp.  Of course, both of us were cheering for Bauer to get the other puppies if they had him pinned to the ground, but then we started getting harsh looks and realized people thought we were advocating for dog fighting!  No Michael Vicks here, PROMISE!  Just want our pup to hold his own.

All in all it was a good day and we came home with one tired pup!