Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

Here it begins.  While the journey unofficially began a little over 5 years ago and officially began about 11 months ago, today it begins for those closest to us to walk along side.  We have created this blog so that our family, closest friends, and our future children will get to be apart of our lives in a more intimate way.

We want to use this blog to catalog our fun experiences.  We value having experiences together because it is a way for us to make memories.  This brings us closer together as a couple and grows our relationship in a way nothing else can.  

We want to use this blog to catalog what we are learning.  As we embark on the new things that life brings, we are constantly learning about each other and from each other.  We are growing ourselves and in turn growing closer to each other.  God shows us each day something new through our time with HIm, and we get the opportunity to share that with each other.  It is through us growing closer to Him that we ultimately grow closer to each other (just think of a triangle!).       

But above all, we want to use this blog to simply catalog our life. More than anything, walking along side each other while doing life creates the context we need in order to grow a strong, God centered relationship.  It is through all of the above and much more that we base our relationship.  

Thanks for taking part and joining us in this journey.  We are so excited you have chosen to be a part of it with us and can’t wait to see how our journey intersects with yours!